About Us

MARATHON for Telecommunication and contracting Co. established since 2007 in Palestine for creating a Palestinian alternative that works in the field of implementing the infrastructure of telecommunications and its related contracting.

The strategy of MARATHON is based on the management development, and exerting persuading activities to keep-up with any future progress. MARATHON is full committed to apply continuous improvement in all of its operations to provide high quality services to customers.

The aim of MARATHON Company is to contribute the best of its wide experiences and capabilities in the field of telecommunications, and retrieve the experiences from inside and outside the country. In addition, MARATHON owns the proper equipment and capabilities to be eligible to perform all telecommunications infrastructure works. MARATHON skillful staff of Engineers and technicians has a vast experience in this field. The other administrative staff are capable of following up all the services to maintain the good reputation of MARATHON in the local community and to expand this reputation to companies working in the same field all over the world.

MARATHON is contacting several companies that are specialized in manufacturing all materials of telecommunications to obtain agencies due to the new opportunities emerging in the Palestinian market.

 The company was established in 2007 with the aim of providing our customer with cutting edge technologies and services .Marathon is a leading in the following fields :

Telecommunications solutions and equipments:

•    GSM solutions for operators including planning , repeaters .
•    GSM fibre optics  testing equipment .
•    GSM site installation ,integration and maintenance .
•    GSM copper cables and fibre cable infrastructure supplies


Pre-Construction activities:

  • Site Acquisition and negotiation with Landlord.
  • Site Survey and feasibility study.

Engineering & Design:

  • Design of various disciplines.
    • Methodology and Know-how.
    • “As-made” drawings.
    • Acceptance tests.

Construction works:

  • Supervision.
  • Earthworks and Civil Works.
  • Supply and installation of fully equipped shelters.
  • Tower/monopole  installation & erection.

Products supply:

  • Monopole/Tower.
  • Fully equipped shelters & special solutions.
  • Decorative & camouflaged solutions.
  • Q.D (quick deployment) Foundation.
  • NPT (Non-Penetrating Tower).
  • MCU (Mobile Communication Unit).
  • Supply transmission cabinets.
  • Supply of GSM Antenna.
  • Supply of Andrew products (Coaxial Cables, Earthing kit ,Connectors, Clamps ..)
    • Fiber optic cable
    • Supply of Fiber Optic cables & Accessories.
    • Supply Network materials for PALTEL.


Telecom equipment installation:

  • Antennas and feeders installations.
  • Base station installation and commissioning.
    • Microwave link installation and commissioning.
    • End user installations (e.g: DBS satellite).


  • Fiber Optics design & Implementation.
  • Copper backbone implementation.

Management & control:

  • Project Management.
  • IT system.
  • Procurement.
  • Logistics.
  • Regional management & supervision.


  • Comprehensive maintenance for Telecom Infrastructures.
  • Data and instrumentation cables.
  • Fiber Optic Accessories (ODF, Closures).
    • Telephone cables.
    • Distribution cabinet & boxes.
    • Krone Products.

 IT solutions :

•    Networking solutions .
•    Internet security solution .